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Other Health Networks

WA Department of Health – Health Networks

Health Networks enables all Western Australians to connect, share and improve our health services.

With a focus on a patient-centred approach to health care, Networks brings together consumers, clinicians, policy makers and allied health professionals, to discuss ways to improve best practice, develop strategic partnerships, and provide leadership and engagement in the sector.

Membership to Health Networks is open to everybody who has a passion about health including consumers and carers, health professionals, policy-makers and planners, researchers and academics, health service providers and non-government organisations.

Register here (external site) to join Health Networks and to receive the latest information and updates from the Networks.

See the latest news from the Health Networks and their partners in our Health Networks Bulletin (external site).

WA Primary Health Alliance – My region

To learn more about the hundreds of primary care treatment and support services WA Primary Health Alliance invests in to address inequity and access, or for questions relating to health planning in a region, please contact the Regional team member in any of our regions, please click here.

Mental Health Network

The Mental Health Network is an independent entity that operates under the governance of and with the support of the Mental Health Commission. The Mental Health Network is jointly sponsored by the Mental Health Commission and the Department of Health and was launched in October 2014.  The Mental Health Network supports the implementation of the Western Australian Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Services Plan 2015-2025, and also identifies and informs emerging needs of the mental health sector in Western Australia.

The Mental Health Network is led by Clinical Co-Lead Dr Helen McGowan and Community Co-Lead Mr Rod Astbury who are supported by an Executive Advisory Group. The Executive Advisory Group includes key leaders and stakeholders from across the Western Australian mental health sector.  The Mental Health Network has a unique structure and includes ten Sub Networks. The overarching goal of each Sub Network is to assist the Mental Health Network achieve its mission with particular focus on the Sub Network’s area of expertise.


Membership of the Mental Health Network is open to all. Current members include consumers and carers, health professionals, policy-makers and planners, researchers and academics, and people working for non-government organisations.

As a member of the Mental Health Network you will be informed of opportunities to get involved, attend networking events, participate in consultations, and other items relevant to your areas of interest. As a member you will receive a quarterly e-newsletter to keep you informed of the ongoing work of the Mental Health Network.

Please click here to register and join the Mental Health Network.